A Christmas Wish List: Dining Table for our Home

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Since, our home has been under renovation. I am making a wish list to have for the Holidays and I hope that it will not remain as a wish only thus I am crossing on my fingers. Lol! You all know that house renovation is no easy tasked. Because it will need a lot of planning, as well as preparation and the money to finance it.

Dining Table photo IMG_20130911_153805_zpsf506847d.jpg

I have seen this dining table for four when I went to the local department here in my area and since, we have a small family size, I think it is the perfect dining set for us. The table itself has a nice color, very neutral and seems to calm the mind of a very hungry person. Lol! It will also bring out the best of the people who will be eating at this very table. :)

Unfortunately, I was not able to ask for the price of the dining table. I just wish that it will be sold at a cheaper price or perhaps at a discounted rate. On the other hand, how about your Christmas gift? Did you shop already for your loved one? If none, I bet there’s plenty of people now in the department and some have long queue at the cashier. Well, I guess it’s the right time to shop online. The fastest and easiest way to do shopping during this Season. You can check out ZALORA Philippines for amazing deals and the latest gift ideas.

5 Different Kitchen Décor Trends in 2013

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When it comes to designing and decorating your ideal kitchen the endless possibilities can turn customising into a chore. It can be great to draw on current trends to give you some inspiration on what’s popular for the modern lifestyle and see how others are tackling the challenge. To get you started here are 5 of our favourite kitchen design and décor trends from 2013.

The Social Kitchen

kitchen photo: Kitchen IMG-20120525-00322_zpsd81b9a42.jpg

Image Credit:Patt70-Photobucket.com

The popular use of the kitchen as a social space continues to gain popularity in 2013. Homeowners realise that the kitchen is a main feature of the home and are treating their design accordingly, with the kitchen often stealing the spotlight from anywhere else in the home. With the continued rise of the popularity of cooking in the public eye, at-home entertaining is experiencing a resurgence and kitchen design reflects this by incorporating large, practical and comfortable spaces that lend themselves to maximum functionality and convenient entertainment.

Calm and Neutral Tones

kitchen photo: Kitchen Kitchen.jpg

Image Credit: Henrylim-Photobucket.com

The stark minimalistic colour schemes of years past are declining in 2013, making way for calmer palettes. As kitchens become a social area for entertaining, family time, relaxing and even working, more natural tones seem to fit this purpose much better than sterile, bleak shades or bold, high-energy statement colours.

Natural Finishes

Natural finishes are also enjoying popularity this year as we see many renovations include the use of earthy materials like stone and wood. They perfectly compliment the neutral colour palettes that have become widespread in 2013. The main trends seem to see combinations of sleek finishes and sophisticated palettes on cabinets, drawers and flooring, with natural materials used for countertops and other fittings.

Recycled materials and eco-friendly fittings

As we becomes ever more aware of our impact on the environment, many trends change accordingly, including home and kitchen design. 2013 has delivered an increase in kitchens designed to be more eco-friendly, focusing on using recycled, reclaimed and sustainable materials as well as incorporating increased power efficiency, greener gadgets, and a focus on low-impact living. From solar power to composting systems, going green is the one of 2013’s hottest design trends in the kitchen.

Technology and Appliances as Features

Contrast also has a place in 2013’s popular kitchen design trends. As kitchens adopt neutral palettes and earthy materials, they rely on statement appliances for contrast and character. Kitchen gadgets and cooking implements provide a splash of colour and have just as much focus on their aesthetics as they do on functionality. Technology plays a big part in the modern kitchen with high-tech gadgets and elements like laptop workstations, device docks, phones and power outlets all finding their way out of the home office and into the kitchen.

If you’re considering building your own home in the New Year then 2013’s trends give you the ideal framework for designing the perfect modern kitchen. Check out http://www.coralhomes.com.au/ to get the ball rolling on your dream home, complete with the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

There’s No Shame in Asking: How Talking to Someone Could Help You

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Many people worry that seeking counselling means they have failed; they think they should be able to pull themselves together and sort their own lives out. But having problems simply means we are human. And seeking help to deal with our issues is actually a sign of strength and maturity.

An Objective Opinion

Seeing a counsellor or psychiatrist will help put your problems in perspective. It is sometimes hard to accurately analyse our own problems, our emotions and past experiences colour our thinking. We often judge ourselves harshly, which doesn’t help us deal with problems. A counsellor will provide us with an objective voice.

counselling photo:  counselling-camden-nsw.jpg

Image Credit: Ileanahampton-Photobucket.com

Trained counsellors, like the professionals at http://www.talkingminds.com.au/, can help you sort through relationship issues, family problems, depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol dependencies, grief, lack of confidence and much more. They are skilled professionals, trained specifically to help you deal with your issues. It just makes good sense to utilise their help when you need it.

Someone to Listen

While it’s great to have friends and family to talk with, counsellors are trained to listen. Where people we are close to will often have an opinion and tell us what they think we should do, a counsellor will listen quietly, ask highly relevant questions, and help us to come up with our own solutions. Some counsellors may offer suggestions as to how to move forward to resolve issues, but they will be suggestions rather than advice.

You Decide

A counsellor will never give you advice: “you should leave your job”. The purpose of counselling is to help you to make your own decisions. Counselling empowers you to do just that. Whereas your mother might advise you to leave your boyfriend, a counsellor will ask questions to help you understand for yourself whether your relationship is healthy or not. A counsellor will reflect your comments back to you, offering you a summary of the situation as you have explained it to them, so that you can formulate a plan of action. They may offer you examples of how other people have successfully resolved a similar situation, but they will never prescribe action. Any suggestions they do make come from a very solid experience base, so often have more validity than what your friends and family think.


Seeing a counsellor also offers complete confidentiality. No matter how much your friend might promise to keep your problems confidential, you can never be sure. It’s human nature to share confidences. Counsellors are bound by a strict Code of Ethics that assures you of complete confidentiality, so you can feel safe and relaxed about telling your counsellor anything.

While counselling doesn’t work for everyone, it does work for the majority of people, so it’s really worth a try if you are struggling with issues in your life. Counselling is not a quick fix, but rather a proactive way of working through problems. Counselling is ‘extra help’ when you need it, a resource for successful living.